2 May

Weecos Goes Black

We have something special planned for you for the next few weeks: Weecos goes all black! ”What the heck, in the middle of the brightest spring” you might wonder. Trust me, there are many inspiring reasons.

During these weeks we introduce to you the black selection in Weecos. Black is the all time favorite and we want to embrace it different ways. Being ecological does not mean compromising your style. You can have badass clothes from goodass materials, as WWOOLLFF.CO says. Don’t you just love the black all year long!

In our blog you will meet two very interesting companies that create their personal design without compromising the environmental impacts of their production. These companies are MEM by Paula Malleus and WWOOLLFF.CO. We have been very inspired by the discussions we have had with these guys. Hopefully we can transmit the inspiring discussion to you through blog writings.

Check out our special ALL BLACK category! It has rocking cool stuff and some nice offers. Awesome giveaway is also waiting for you later. So stay tuned!

Image: MEM By Paula Malleus

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