7 Feb

The Year of Adventures

The year 2017 is moving already full speed ahead! Looking back the year 2016 huge things have happened. We got plenty of new amazing brands, new interesting and pioneer collections, a new implementation partner, a new board of directors and wonderful new team members!

And it seems that the pace is going to be as fast or even faster this year. We are on the edge of wonderful adventures where we are not always sure what lies behind the corner, but we are very eager to find out.

At the moment, we are creating more content, introducing plenty of new brands, developing our service and opening the international markets. With you, we will challenge our imagination and create and share inspirational stories. And even though we do all this with a determined, hard-working attitude, we sure will also have fun and a curious, playful mind while doing it.

Most importantly, we will do all these things together with our brands and with You – our friends. Already, starting from January, we have been privileged to do a wonderful project with Tulos where we are really getting to know You. What kind of person you are, how can we help you the most and how can we have fun together. Already many of you have participated in the interviews and share your thoughts about this. Thank you!

When the pace of work gets faster, it’s more and more important to take some time to slow down and calm yourself. In order to endure everything the adventure has to offer, it is essential to find the right balance of positive work stress and peaceful moments. Especially now when the global turbulence in political and environmental level seems to be overwhelming.

To me, the balance can be found from the woods, forests, nature, the roots of our being. The healing power of the forest is true. Take a walk with me to through the woods, breathe deeply and relax. Join us to our Adventure!



Helvetinjärvi National park.


After beautiful Winter comes hearty Spring

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