Weecos takes sustainable, ecological fashion to New York

Weecos heads to New York to the Finnish design event The House of Finland. The event is held between 11.-14.9.2017 and is part of a larger event – the Finland100NYC. There Weecos represents the emerging, responsible and interesting brands in our own department. The brands joining this event are Aapiste, Finarte, Jatuli, Kuula + Jylhä, MEM by Paula Malleus, […]

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Weecos Birthday!

It is time for celebrations! Weecos Ltd was established on the 28th of June in 2012, so the company is now 5 years old! Weecos – Sustainable Marketplace service was launched in Midsummer 2013 and it is now 4 years old. Last year has been truly the best one so far. We have grown in many […]

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