FRENN Petri wool mohair coat in Weecos

New York Street Style with FRENN

The story behind the Finnish menswear label FRENN goes as follows: in 2013 Jarkko Kallio walked the streets of New York in a jacket made by Antti Laitinen and someone came up to him with the sole purpose of buying the jacket then and there. This inspired the creative professional duo to start their own […]

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Greetings From New York!

Almost a month since our journey to New York has passed, and it’s time to catch up! As a short recap for all: we attended the lovely Street Fair and The House of Finland exhibition with 13 Finnish brands. The exhibition was organised by The Finnish American Chamber of Commerce and Finnish Tech, Design and Art (FTDA), […]

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Weecos takes sustainable, ecological fashion to New York

Weecos heads to New York to the Finnish design event The House of Finland. The event is held between 11.-14.9.2017 and is part of a larger event – the Finland100NYC. There Weecos represents the emerging, responsible and interesting brands in our own department. The brands joining this event are Aapiste, Finarte, Jatuli, Kuula + Jylhä, MEM by Paula Malleus, […]

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