Recycling of discarded rental textiles – see where TAUKO’s raw materials origin

The main raw material used for the TAUKO clothes is discarded textiles provided by textile service companies. These companies rent out textiles for hotels, restaurants and healthcare. Annually tons of bed linen and table clothes are discarded in Helsinki and Berlin, and the amount of textile waste for one textile service company is more than 150 kg per day. Very little […]

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Lost in Terms?

  Up-cycling. Recycling. Down-cycling. A lot of new terms have popped up lately, and they are often new, confused together or misused. As Weecos also has a quite wide range of products using these methods in their production a simple vocabulary of these essential words is needed. *** CIRCULAR ECONOMY The big, trendy term – […]

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Textiles Out of Bananas, Pineapples And Fungus?

As we’ve come aware of the environmental impacts of cotton, for example, technology has taken a role for years in creating new materials. Several technological innovations, alternatives for the traditional materials, have emerged. Are bananas, mushrooms and pineapples familiar to you and perhaps the answers to ethical and sustainable fashion? *** PINEAPPLE Could your next […]

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Clothing Brands Changing the Fashion More Sustainable

Big brands are using new technologies to make fashion more sustainable. But we feel that smaller design brands are doing significant work too, as it’s said, “big things have small beginnings”. Especially when people working together. So meet TAUKO Design, Reet Aus and Paula Malleus, brands who’s work have influence on the environmental issues as well. *** […]

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Episode 9: Where from the post-consumer waste comes?

What is post-consumer waste and where from it comes? In the ninth episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula Malleus heads to Turku to get more materials. Although this journey goes well, it’s not always as easy to get leftover materials. See what are the reasons for collaborations to fall with recycling organisations, who collects the leftover second-hand materials […]

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Reet Aus Finds Solutions For The Fashion Industry’s Problems

At the moment the clothing industry is based on fast and cheap production, and quantity runs over quality. This is completely unsustainable and the reason why Reet Aus, an Estonian fashion designer and PhD, wants to change the mass production system from inside out. In addition to upcycling and certifications, Reet sees taxes and conscious […]

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EPISODE 5: MEM Hardcore Fashion – What Is Anarchy in MEM?

Anarchy! What does that mean to designer and master seamstress Paula Malleus and how it can be seen in Paula’s collections? In the fifth episode of Hardcore Fashion, Paula ponders anarchy and branding from a philosophical point of view. What do these words things mean to her? We can assure that not the very traditional meaning! In addition, […]

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Episode 4: MEM Hardcore Fashion – It’s Time For Decisions

In the third episode of Hardcore Fashion designer and Master Seamstress Paula Malleus, showed the Revolt collections pieces to Trashionista Outi Les Pyy who gave her viewpoints on it. What she thought of the pieces and what does Paula think? Is she going to make changes to Revolt? What are the editorial pieces going to look like? Join the meeting Paula […]

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Recycling your textiles

Do you buy your clothes after consideration or can there be found clothes with price tags in your closet? In this world where fashion and trends change rapidly, have you ever thought how much fabric is thrown to the trash when manufacturing clothes? Or does it even matter to you? * * * It has […]

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