1 Dec

My Wishlist for the Holidays

In the past few years, the holidays have usually meant a breakout from the hassle of everyday life. It’s usually during the holidays that I clear my head and get my mind set for the coming year. It’s always important for me to leave my flat in Helsinki and get away somewhere, be it Lapland, the Finnish archipelago or somewhere farther. If the year has been really hectic with work, I sometimes find it hard to tune into the holiday spirit, which for me is a strict command of something like: keep calm & do nothing. Regardless of how I succeed in letting go, the new year is in the back of mind, and I hope to start it with the Saana ja Olli 2018 Wall Calendar.

As perfect gear for my holiday escape I wish for the Lovia Kelo Back Bag. Made from black elk leather, the design of the bag is functional enough for outdoorsy use in rural Finland, but sophisticated as well so you can take it with you for the holidays in the city. Where ever I head for the festive season, the backpack wouldn’t stock the usual laptop (even though there is plenty of space for even the largest portable office), but rather a present for a friend, an occasional bottle of mulled wine and, last but not least, a box of chocolates.

Of course, the holiday getaway wouldn’t be perfect without some company. I usually spend the holidays with close family and relatives. These get-togethers, no matter what the location, are always casual and cozy, so I wish for something relaxed and comfortable to wear for all the vacant days with family members. A little bit of tongue-in-cheek humor never does anyone harm in the company of loved ones and this ice breaker of a Paranoia Borealis t-shirt is the perfect solution for cracking jokes.

As usually during the holidays, I would like to not spend as much time online and be more attentive to everyone around. These days, time offline is valuable and always gives space to so many other activities. I wouldn’t mind drawing & doodling a bit during the holidays – something I used to do quite a lot. This is why Sasha Kretova’s sketch book is another holiday essential for me. It would definitely be the gift that would make me use my spare time more creatively, a right kind of direction for the coming year.

In the festive season, there is usually a fine line between idleness and being too lazy for me, so other activities should also be on the to-do list. I enjoy the outdoors even in the winter and to keep my hands warm – and preferably off any smart phones – I wish for the Moiko reflective gloves in the color black.

1. Saana ja Olli 2018 Wall Calendar

2. Lovia Kelo Back Bag

3. Paranoia Borealis Up In the Ass of Timo

4. Sasha Kretova Terrain II Sketchbook

5. Moiko Snow Reflective Gloves

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